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Cheese & Garlic pickle Sourdough Toastie

Cheese and Garlic Pickle ToastieIf you love sourdough bread, but also crave a spicy edge to your meals, this is a great pairing for you. This is one of our go to brunch treats on the weekend but it’s actually surprisingly quick and easy and makes a great meal for filling snack any time of the week.

Butter both sides of sourdough slices. We used sour. Place slices of cheese on one side, followed by a layer of pickle. We used Selvan’s mum’s garlic pickle but different flavours work equally well. Close the toasty with the other slice and place on a tawa or frying pan. There’s no need to add any extra oil or butter.

Place a metal plate or handless pan lid on top of the toastie, and place a weight on top of that. We usually use a soap stone pestle and mortar. This is the kind of weight you are looking for.

Grill at a medium heat on both sides until golden brown.

Of course if you have a toastie maker you can use this. For a lighter toastie without the butter, toasting the bread slices in an OTG or toaster then lightly buttering the inside also works.


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