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The 'Knead' to Bake

The 'Knead' to Bake images

Writing for The Hindu, Sheila Kumar takes readers through the components of a Sour House sourdough workshop. 

In Bangalore, Sour House's Selvan Thandapani is heading an introductory workshop on sourdoughs for us. As he explains the qualities of the sourdough his tone is reverential and we stare respectfully at the mason jar with a white paste settled right at its bottom. 

By the end of the workshop, which lasts for a little more than four hours, I have developed a sense of awe for the sourdough. ...

And into the industrial oven go the loaves, watched obsessively by the bakers, And, so minutes later they are out – six golden loaves of sourdoughs with steam rising faintly off them.

I take mine back home holding it like a trophy.