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Paneer & Chutney Toastie

Paneer and chutney toastieThis is one of our favourite lazy Sunday brunch treats. The creaminess of the paneer in this pairing goes really well with the punch of the chutney and the crunch of the sourdough.

Make a chutney and keep it aside (see our simple, adaptable recipe below). Toast, then butter, slices of sourdough. We recommend our sour loaf, or wholewheat sour, to balance the strong chutney flavour. In the image we have toasted the bread in a toaster, for a lighter browning, but see the variation at the bottom of this pairing for how to make this without a toaster.

Lightly grill the paneer, and then layer it on the bread with thin slices of onion and a generous dollop of chutney. 

Chutney: We have found that this works with any chutney - and this is a great way to use up leftovers. One of our favourites is a tomato and coriander chutney. We fry mustard seeds till they pop, add in a clove of chopped garlic, quarter of an onion, sliced, and a teaspoon of jeera. Once the onion has softened down, we add two to three chopped tomatoes. When those have broken down, we throw in a handful of fresh coriander. Let that cool slightly and blend to a smooth paste.

No toaster, or like your toasties extra browned? Butter the sliced sourdough bread on both sides, and layer the fillings between two slices. Place on frying pan or tawa, and lay a metal plate on top. Weight that plate down with something heavy, like a pestle. Grill until the bread is brown, and then flip to grill on the other side using the same pressure method. This will help bind the toastie together. Please BE CAREFUL as the plate below the mortar will get hot while grilling!


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