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Sourdough & Leftover Chutney

leftover chutney and sourdoughTry sourdough with leftover chutney. We love chutney on any of our sourdoughs, for a fresh local take on a sandwich spread.

Beetroot chutney is one of our go-to pairing options, but coriander chutney is equally great on sourdough. Try it on our wholewheat sour loaf - or smear some tomato chutney on our sour.

Check out our post on peanut butter for Selvan’s peanut chutney recipe.

For a simple beetroot chutney we lightly fry mustard seeds until they pop. Then we add a sliced garlic clove, a thinly-sliced half onion and a dry red chilli, and stir them over the heat until they are just about soft. Add a chopped beetroot and one chopped tomato and fry until the mixture softens. Season to taste, and allow to cool slightly. Blend in a food processor until it forms a smooth paste - feel free to add a little water for a looser texture.

P.S. A side of our hung curd makes a great accompaniment to this!

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